Top 5 Reasons to Buy a 4WD

There is no doubt about it; the popularity of four wheel drives has grown significantly over the past couple of decades. Four wheel drives are now known not only as 4WDs, four wheel drives, but also as SUV’s, sporting utility vehicles, and AWDs, all wheel drives. Four wheel drives are now commonly used for everyday driving as well as for off-road travelling and camping trips.

Four wheel drives come in almost every shape, size and colour imaginable and range from the most basic to the top of the range luxury vehicle. There are many factors to consider when buying a four wheel drive, including what you will use it for and how many passengers it will need to carry. Prices vary considerably with luxury vehicles being on the high end of the pricing scale. Cost will usually be one of the chief determinants in making a luxury suv decision

With rising petrol prices we have seen a downturn in big car sales and an upturn in small car purchases and yet the four wheel drive market has continued to grow. So, why are four wheel drives so popular? Why is it that we have seen such a trend towards four wheel drive ownership?

Off road driving capability

The most traditional reason for purchasing a four wheel drive is its’ off road capability. Many individuals and families love to take off into the wild terrain and have a driving adventure. Across sand, rocks, through rivers and across creek beds, four wheel drive enthusiasts enjoy the challenge off the beaten track. Four wheel driving is definitely a great Australian pastime. Four wheel drives have plenty of room to throw in the camping equipment and allow families to take frequent happy and inexpensive holidays.

High Towing Capacity

Most large four wheel drives have superior towing capacity when compared to the average car, which makes them the obvious choice for anyone who enjoys caravanning. With the huge surge in older folk who take to the road and travel (the grey nomads) it is little wonder that four wheel drive sales are on the increase.

On Road Handling

Modern four wheel drives are really comfortable to ride in. Gone are the days of bumping around in the back seat. Excellent suspension coupled with improved tyre design, mean that four wheel drives now handle well on the road and with all the added benefits they bring, they have become a popular choice.


There is no doubt about it. Four wheel drives provide a commanding driving position. The visibility of the driver is greatly superior to that of the average car driver. In a nutshell, you sit higher so you can see more. Rear visibility is also greatly improved.

Larger Seating Capacity

Many four wheel drives seat 7 as standard, so for the bigger family or those that like to take friends with them on drives and holidays, the four wheel drive makes a lot of sense.


Most four wheel drivers believe that their vehicle offers enhanced occupant protection due to its size, all terrain design and bull bar.

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