Taxing Our Mileage in 2014

There are the ever present talks that changes in taxation will be underway in order to tax us on mileage in 2014 instead of per gallon of petrol. This leaves this blogger feeling a little uneasy, reason being is that our elected officials are absolutely failing and balancing the nation’s checkbook and instead of cutting more pork fat they instead want to take the easier route by taxing those who have to travel. First off the U.S. is far too expansive for a train system such as Europe, probably because we have the fucking Amtrak system that is government funded and outdated and overly expensive. Flights are relatively cheap if you are flying over a decent amount of miles. But for most of the country we have to take our vehicles to our intended destinations because public transit is crap and plus, taxing us per miles seems like a shitty idea.


First off I drive less than 10,000 miles a year so it wouldn’t affect me very much but the problem was that I recently had to drive 1,700 miles a month as the job I had was the best I could find after the economic collapse in 2007 and in order to save money meant that I had to hyper-mile as well as drive a smaller car that was better on gas mileage and emissions than my 4×4. If we switch to taxing by the mile then why the fuck am I driving a four banger? I can get a Viper now since gas is cheaper and I’m only taxed per mile. Fuck you mother earth and eat some burnt rubber while I’m at it. But reality sets in and we look at state gas taxes as well as the fact that our shitty elected accountants will simply tax us on both mileage and per gallon.


Our country will keep ramming down new taxes in more creative ways because they need more money. Read my blog “No New Taxes”. We have enough shit to deal with and changing the tax plan will just piss everyone off more. It’s all smoke and mirrors and although they claim that it will be better for the majority, they usually are correct at first until they rape that system. Look at our social programs and how debunked they are, do you want these people in charge of more responsibility even though they can’t maintain what they currently have now?


Imagine that you go into the DMV to get your new tags; oops you forgot your tax document that states that you are all paid up on your fees. No tags for you. This is stupid and the fact that diesel is more expensive than petrol is even worse. We have idiots running the show and it’s affecting each and every one of us. In conclusion I feel that we need to fend off any new taxes as well as work on shrinking our current ones.

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