2014 Audi RS7

2014 Audi RS7

It’s true, this twit-turbo V8 beast of 560 HP will finally be coming to the United States.


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The 2014 Ford Fiesta ST Review: The Best Available Hatchback?

People usually admire magnificent inventions which inspire awe from any point of view. That is why we can easily point out that the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST is admired by everyone. It is a marvelous invention manufactured by Ford, which hides an extremely powerful engine inside the perfectly shaped body. The overall mark of the car shows that this model has proven to be one of the best during the last couple of years from this segment. 2014 Fiesta is a whole package – it has an irresistible interior and exterior design in combination with a powerful engine which can satisfy the tastes of even the pickiest customers. The model brings refreshment in the product line of Ford in general terms, not only in its segment.

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Taxing Our Mileage in 2014

There are the ever present talks that changes in taxation will be underway in order to tax us on mileage in 2014 instead of per gallon of petrol. This leaves this blogger feeling a little uneasy, reason being is that our elected officials are absolutely failing and balancing the nation’s checkbook and instead of cutting more pork fat they instead want to take the easier route by taxing those who have to travel. First off the U.S. is far too expansive for a train system such as Europe, probably because we have the fucking Amtrak system that is government funded and outdated and overly expensive. Flights are relatively cheap if you are flying over a decent amount of miles. But for most of the country we have to take our vehicles to our intended destinations because public transit is crap and plus, taxing us per miles seems like a shitty idea.

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The Newly Designed 2014 Cadillac CTS

2014 Cadillac CTS

A hard lesson in the 80’s was that boxy was beautiful. With flat faces and hoods sticking out into the next time zone meant that you had a ghetto sled that was ready to collect money from your working gals. Today Cadillac has decided to incorporate a more linear design with subtle curves and for a design snob such as myself, I think it works. While Cadillac’s sights are on the Bavarian bulbous battlewagons of the East we see that they are not simply copying the designs of the round BMW’s and although Mercedes has a more chiseled look to it, there seems to be a large degree of separation. The problem Cadillac faces is that when you drove previous models you sensed the cheesy and flimsy parts of other badge models and its look was as if they simply added two front quarter panels and some phony trim and emblems. Of course we know that there is a global model underlying in each 2014 Cadillac but it seems that the designers are getting better at differentiating it or at least hiding the flimsy bits. Read more

A Glance at 2014 New Cars

We have already seen the 2014 Corvette Stingray as well as the Chevy Silverado but what else is in stock for the North American new cars and trucks. It seems that everything is getting put under the knife in order to tighten up any loose skin. New designs are meticulously tested and re-designed to lower the drag-coefficient. Through wind tunnel testing as well as computer generated real world elements means that 2014 new cars and trucks are being delivered to achieve optimal efficiency. As a result of the optimization of fuel efficiency and the wants and needs of potential buyers is causing an odd effect in what I have dubbed Ultimate Phantom Gender Role Reversal All-Wheel-Drive Design or UPGRRADD. In all actuality it is a downgrade for off-road enthusiasts as more truck-based sport utility vehicles get turned into a steamy uni-body all-wheel-drive van that has been doing a little doping. If you want proof then take a look at the Nissan Pathfinder. The 2014 Nissan Pathfinder looks like it has daddy issues and went under the knife to become a soccer mom, form bushwhacker to bush-trimmer.

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Building New Cars for 2014

There is always the need for improvement when it comes to something so important and useful to us as vehicles. What use to be a slim pick has blown up to a multitude of transgendered new cars for 2014. There is a vehicle type to satisfy every need on the market from clown car to a super duty extra mega ultra cab dually. What is changing is the weight and aerodynamics of each vehicle as efficiency is now a big fat diabetic elephant in the room.


We as car buyers are pretty spoiled as we have so many companies vying for our dollars. I can’t really say it is a bad thing as capitalism takes over and competition produces a better produce. Yes I said it, capitalism has helped you get a better car for less so think about that when you drive your car to your Karl Marx social club.


So what will the new cars for 2014 have for the gear heads? Well a lot actually. Horsepower still sells and with the trickle down racing technology and components such as alloys and carbon fiber means that cars running six second 0-60 times is our wife and mistress cars as ours are running four’s and five’s. Less weight plus more horsepower and fuel economy means that you can afford to still go cruising. Plus our V6 engines of today with direct injection are now easily making 300 plus horsepower under normal aspiration.

Rear-wheel drive is always popular as well as the six-speed manuals. Sure there are more paddles on steering wheels than in a German S&M dungeon but auto manufacturers are still throwing the true gear heads a bone when it comes to performance and track inspired rigs.


So what to expect for new cars for 2014? Carbon and aluminum is going to be in abundance as steel gets butted out more and more. Auto manufacturers are all in talks with 3M and DuPont and other chemical and component companies as they want carbon frames and body parts and they want them now and below cost. A lot of the plastic will be covered by real and certainly fake naked carbon fiber and I have no problem because car companies like GM need to stop with all the stupid ugly ass plastic interior parts. At least the Corvette Stingray looks a lot better in side than the previous generation.


As far as powertrain goes, there will be more lightweight parts going into engines as well as tighter and more sophisticated parts. You will get great gas mileage but let’s hope the engine never craps out on you when your warranty expires. Exciting is the fact that batteries are on a perpetual renaissance as much smarter individuals than myself continually improve life and functionality of the new batteries thus driving down prices of existing ones. Thanks science and chive on.

Efficiency and power for 2014 cars

Over the past few years vehicle sales have become more stagnant as individuals are looking forward to getting more fuel-efficient 2014 cars. The problem that arises with most fuel-efficient vehicles is that the vehicle is usually trending away from stylish good looks as well as creature comforts in order to gain optimal efficiency. Since the auto industry has become so competitive with auto manufacturers all over the globe now competing in more markets, has led to engineers having to use more creative and innovative ideas.


With industrialized nations all of the world passing more regulatory emissions standards has caused auto manufacturers to focus on a globally certified powerplant that can pass emissions standards globally. For the 2014 cars we will see more lightweight components being placed in the engines as well as more efficient technologies such as direct injection fuel and electronically controlled valve timing. This of course is just the start of technologies to come to the mass market as engineers will also be working on such improvements as higher-speed and less restrictive transmissions as well as more intelligent all-wheel-drive systems. Maximizing the amount of power production off of the vehicle’s fuel source is a main concern but only one of the many attributes of the vehicle being revamped.


Along with the 2014 cars designs and powertrains, we are seeing new components being placed in the vehicle in order to lighten its overall curb weight. Engineers are using designs that add structural integrity yet less material in order to maintain overall rigidity. Using alloys as well as carbon fiber composite material is helping to significantly reduce the weight of these 2014 cars. Auto manufacturers such as Ford Motor Company have stated that they plan to reduce overall weight of every single vehicle in their production line up by an average of 750 pounds. This will include their lineup of 2014 cars, trucks, vans, and commercial vehicles.


With new designs and powertrain and structural components of vehicles engineers are now testing created designs in order to recapture lost energy due to breaking. For years auto manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda have worked with her hybrid vehicles in order to regain spent energy by using a regenerative braking technology. This is common among hybrid vehicles yet the technology is usually have to incorporate a large battery cell as well as a large amount of the electronics that added a much larger cost and weight to the vehicle. Engineers at the Mazda motor company have introduced their design in order to recapture lost energy by utilizing energy storing components such as diodes and Transformers that are technologies that are off the shelf therefore keeping costs down and weight low. The process and uses a regenerative brake technology turns we will inertia into electricity similar to current hybrid designs. So for the 2014 cars that are coming to the market place we will see many more improvements in order to lower emissions and raise the average miles per gallon. And an added extra bonus for consumers is a little extra horsepower for the 2014 cars.