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Building New Cars for 2014

There is always the need for improvement when it comes to something so important and useful to us as vehicles. What use to be a slim pick has blown up to a multitude of transgendered new cars for 2014. There is a vehicle type to satisfy every need on the market from clown car to a super duty extra mega ultra cab dually. What is changing is the weight and aerodynamics of each vehicle as efficiency is now a big fat diabetic elephant in the room.


We as car buyers are pretty spoiled as we have so many companies vying for our dollars. I can’t really say it is a bad thing as capitalism takes over and competition produces a better produce. Yes I said it, capitalism has helped you get a better car for less so think about that when you drive your car to your Karl Marx social club.


So what will the new cars for 2014 have for the gear heads? Well a lot actually. Horsepower still sells and with the trickle down racing technology and components such as alloys and carbon fiber means that cars running six second 0-60 times is our wife and mistress cars as ours are running four’s and five’s. Less weight plus more horsepower and fuel economy means that you can afford to still go cruising. Plus our V6 engines of today with direct injection are now easily making 300 plus horsepower under normal aspiration.

Rear-wheel drive is always popular as well as the six-speed manuals. Sure there are more paddles on steering wheels than in a German S&M dungeon but auto manufacturers are still throwing the true gear heads a bone when it comes to performance and track inspired rigs.


So what to expect for new cars for 2014? Carbon and aluminum is going to be in abundance as steel gets butted out more and more. Auto manufacturers are all in talks with 3M and DuPont and other chemical and component companies as they want carbon frames and body parts and they want them now and below cost. A lot of the plastic will be covered by real and certainly fake naked carbon fiber and I have no problem because car companies like GM need to stop with all the stupid ugly ass plastic interior parts. At least the Corvette Stingray looks a lot better in side than the previous generation.


As far as powertrain goes, there will be more lightweight parts going into engines as well as tighter and more sophisticated parts. You will get great gas mileage but let’s hope the engine never craps out on you when your warranty expires. Exciting is the fact that batteries are on a perpetual renaissance as much smarter individuals than myself continually improve life and functionality of the new batteries thus driving down prices of existing ones. Thanks science and chive on.