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2014 Ford Bronco

2014 Ford Bronco in Green

There have been rumors for years circulating as to whether or not Ford would be re-introducing the iconic Ford Bronco back onto the scene. It seems that the Bronco has turned more into the Great White Buffalo as it seems to have a sort of mysticism that is keeping everyone scratching their heads. So in order to shine some light on the subject we must look at some facts and some fiction in order to come up with an educated guess because this subject is turning into a Jason Bourne film as we try to find out where this Bronco gossip came from. Read more

The 2014 Ford Fiesta ST Review: The Best Available Hatchback?

People usually admire magnificent inventions which inspire awe from any point of view. That is why we can easily point out that the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST is admired by everyone. It is a marvelous invention manufactured by Ford, which hides an extremely powerful engine inside the perfectly shaped body. The overall mark of the car shows that this model has proven to be one of the best during the last couple of years from this segment. 2014 Fiesta is a whole package – it has an irresistible interior and exterior design in combination with a powerful engine which can satisfy the tastes of even the pickiest customers. The model brings refreshment in the product line of Ford in general terms, not only in its segment.

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