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The 2014 Chevy Caprice – The Best/Worst Undercover Car Ever

2014 Chevrolet Caprice Police Car

When I got my license and my first sports car, it quickly became apparent to me how the Cop cars silhouette looked and I soon could spot the headlights of the Crown Vics from afar. With the fat light bars on top it only took a brief millisecond to notice and apply the brakes. With most other Crown Vic owners well asleep by nightfall caked in loads of BenGay it was pretty safe to say that if you noticed the headlights then you needed to check your speed. As time passed cops started getting slimmer light bars (not waists) and newer and various makes of cars such as the Charger and Caprice. Decked out with thousands of dollars of your forced taxes they were working to get incognito. Then the new Caprice arrived.  And well… they blew it. Read more