A Glance at 2014 New Cars

We have already seen the 2014 Corvette Stingray as well as the Chevy Silverado but what else is in stock for the North American new cars and trucks. It seems that everything is getting put under the knife in order to tighten up any loose skin. New designs are meticulously tested and re-designed to lower the drag-coefficient. Through wind tunnel testing as well as computer generated real world elements means that 2014 new cars and trucks are being delivered to achieve optimal efficiency. As a result of the optimization of fuel efficiency and the wants and needs of potential buyers is causing an odd effect in what I have dubbed Ultimate Phantom Gender Role Reversal All-Wheel-Drive Design or UPGRRADD. In all actuality it is a downgrade for off-road enthusiasts as more truck-based sport utility vehicles get turned into a steamy uni-body all-wheel-drive van that has been doing a little doping. If you want proof then take a look at the Nissan Pathfinder. The 2014 Nissan Pathfinder looks like it has daddy issues and went under the knife to become a soccer mom, form bushwhacker to bush-trimmer.


On the other side of the spectrum you have vehicles such as the Subaru XV CrossTrek that is an Impreza that is also on the Lance Armstrong diet. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Subaru XV as it fills a void for adventurers and lesbians that need a car that can do more. From hauling around dogs that are your emotional child tampons to hauling around kayaks, mountain bikes, climbing gear and for the 75% remainder that will still put a Yakima roof rack on it only to never ever use it. But the point of vehicles like these is to give the utility of a sport-utility-vehicle yet the gas mileage of a economical car. Subaru has had years to perfect their AWD system and have pared their ultra reliable opposed-piston engine with a continuously-variable-transmission. Subaru has also received direct-injection technology with the joint effort of the FR-S/BR-Z project that has helped to add efficiency to each of their engine designs.


The new 2014 and 2015 cars and trucks will be looking to fill each and every niche market (even for us gearheads) and if vehicles such as the BR-Z are successful then we will still see engineers dedicating their time to developing vehicles that are fun to drive. Since people are disgusted with their weight……of their vehicles means that the 2014 new cars are going on a “breaking bad” diet as they will be frantically ditching weight. We know that there is going to be changes among our vehicles as they become more like our smartphones and less like our super cool H2 Hummers. And though we can’t predict the future I have felt a tingly feeling in my liver that can only mean one thing. That “thing” is that overall prices will still be going up and that because of collective bargaining, more robots will be added to the construction process for 2014 new cars, suvs, and cars.

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