2014 Hyundai i10 – a Real Urban Warrior

2014 Hyundai i10

The South Korean manufacturer is expanding even more despite the world economic crisis. Hyundai keeps introducing new car models and upgrades existing ones like this crisis never happened. Their i10 model was introduced in 2007 as improved version of the popular Atos model. This model has made some stunning selling figures and Hyundai has decided to introduce the second generation of i10 to the market in 2014. 2014 Hyundai i10 is advertised as the perfect solution for the crowded streets that are typical for every bigger city in the world.

2014 Hyundai i10

Hyundai has worked a lot on the new design of this smaller car model which is placed between A and B segment but it is certainly different from the design of i30. If we have to compare we would say that the external look is much closer to a smaller version of MVP model ix20. What is a little bit surprising is the new dimension of its design. The new i10 model tries to stay different from i20, i30 and ix35 by keeping a unique design. The appearance is very attractive, stylish but yet not too extravagant because it is targeting all types of customers. It is well known that these types of vehicles are popular among young people and older people at the same time which is rare, because these two age groups usually like different things. With a design like this Hyundai can be sure that both groups will like the new i10.

Another thing that is very different about this model is that Hyundai has increased its length. The length is 3, 66 meter which makes it 8 cm longer than its predecessor. It is also wider for 6, 5 and higher for 5 cm which makes it closer to the B segment. The luggage capacity of 252 liters makes 2014 Hyundai i10 one of the best in the class. Hyundai doesn’t forget to mention that this model is much quitter compared to its rivals and how the body rigidity, which provides higher car safety, has been improved. Despite the upgraded and enhanced car structure, the new model is lighter than its predecessor.

When it comes to interior, the first thing that we notice is the more vivid appearance mainly because of the two tone dashboard. Hyundai guarantees that they have used materials of higher quality this time. Operating remains the same, but the equipment is improved and you can even get i10 with a heated steering wheel now.


There are few options when it comes to engines and the primary is 1.0 liter petrol engine with 65 hp known for low fuel consumption and CO2 emission. The more powerful version has 1.2 liter four-cylinder engine and 87 hp. So far diesel engine is not an option for the new model.

With all the above said the new 2014 Hyundai i10 model seems to come at the right time on the crisis-hit global auto market. With long guarantee periods and low fuel consumption this urban warrior will surely be very popular.

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