2014 Ford Bronco

2014 Ford Bronco in Green

There have been rumors for years circulating as to whether or not Ford would be re-introducing the iconic Ford Bronco back onto the scene. It seems that the Bronco has turned more into the Great White Buffalo as it seems to have a sort of mysticism that is keeping everyone scratching their heads. So in order to shine some light on the subject we must look at some facts and some fiction in order to come up with an educated guess because this subject is turning into a Jason Bourne film as we try to find out where this Bronco gossip came from.

 2014 Ford Bronco in Green

First off we know that the Bronco Concept shown back in 2004 had grabbed the attention of many but to the point where not enough of the top corporate executives were convinced to place this in production or Ford was simply living beyond their means at the time with their corporate hands in so many pots. Today however there is the leadership of Mr. Mullaly who likes to so things his way and looking at his track record, it works. The problem is however that he likes to simplify the lineup and globalize it as well and to be honest we aren’t sure that the Bronco would get such a warm reception globally. The upside to the 2014 Bronco is that it could utilize many if not most of the powertrain from an F-150 and therefore give several different engine options and technology that it tested and established already and therefore saving millions on research and development.

Side Profile of the 2014 Ford Bronco

With the new use of aluminum for the chassis of the 2014 Ford F-150 we could see the Bronco 2014 edition getting the massive weight savings as well and as a result the company could even run the new 300hp Ecoboost 4-cyl found in the new 2015 Mustang. So even though the boxy body of the Bronco wouldn’t win any awards for low drag-coefficient, it would however have enough weight savings and engine/transmission technology to get much better gas mileage than the new Pentastar equipped Jeep Wranglers. So with decent mileage stats possible thus keeping the vehicle competitive and above the government regulation curve means that the vehicle is certainly feasible when it comes to production. As for a SVT special edition such as the popular Ford F-150 Raptor we know that men and women would be waiting in line for one with cash in hand.

 Eerlier Rendering of the 2014 Ford Bronco

Stated on Gearheads.org we see so many true 4×4 falling into the Crossover hell that has become the general market means that a niche of Wrangler like vehicles will be available and with the healthy sales of the Wrangler it seems stupid to me that a company such as Ford wouldn’t take advantage by building a 2014 Ford Bronco.


Front Panel Photo of the 2014 Ford Bronco

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