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Taxing Our Mileage in 2014

There are the ever present talks that changes in taxation will be underway in order to tax us on mileage in 2014 instead of per gallon of petrol. This leaves this blogger feeling a little uneasy, reason being is that our elected officials are absolutely failing and balancing the nation’s checkbook and instead of cutting more pork fat they instead want to take the easier route by taxing those who have to travel. First off the U.S. is far too expansive for a train system such as Europe, probably because we have the fucking Amtrak system that is government funded and outdated and overly expensive. Flights are relatively cheap if you are flying over a decent amount of miles. But for most of the country we have to take our vehicles to our intended destinations because public transit is crap and plus, taxing us per miles seems like a shitty idea.

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